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Crew Cab Trucks and Industrial Tilt Trays

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Crew Cab Trucks

Plenty of space in the back and front

Is your car broken down with family or friends? Look no further than a GRS Crew-Cab Tilt tray Truck. The large crew cabins have seating for up to 6 passengers plus the driver, and includes 2 child seat anchors to ensure a safe, smooth journey for all ages. Deck capacities up to 7.5m x 4.9t.

Industrial Tilt Trays

Low load angles for safe clearance

If you just want to transport cargo, yet still avoid the risk of damage from a standard tow truck, then an Industrial Tilt Tray is for you. Featuring an impressive load capacity of 16 tonnes, these trucks can safely haul and transport a range of light to heavy vehicles, freight, and cargo. Once more, the adjustable, low load angle makes it easy to get equipment and vehicles off the ground and on to the deck in a seamless fashion. Plus, the 9.8 metre loading space offers plenty of room for multiple items.

Bus Transport


Container Transport

Machinery Transport 0-15t

Light Breakdowns

Relocatable Buildings

Interstate Transport

Port Shipping


Heavy Breakdows

24/7 Emergency Services

Under the Hood

Each Crew Cab Truck can safely transport 5 to 6 passengers (with 2 children in seat anchors), providing a safe and comfortable ride for all ages.

3.5 tonne tow bar rating. Deck capacity of up to 5 tonnes. Low load angle for vehicles with low ground clearance or flat tyres. And chainless securement to keep your fleet and machinery safe on the move.

Each Industrial Tilt Tray is jam-packed with great features to safely transport all kinds of cargo – including a deck height of 1 to 1.2 metres, 9.8 metre loading space, clear deck up to 9.1 metres, and a load capacity of 16 tonnes and 3.8 metres high.
GRS Towing has Crew Cab Trucks and Industrial Tilt Trays located across Sydney. So no matter where you are, you can expect a fast response at any time of the day or night.

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