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When you need to transport heavy and long distance haulage, you want to be assured that your delivery will show up on time, in perfect condition. That is just what you get with the GRS Towing range of 32-110 tonne machinery transport fleet.

Capable of local and interstate travel, our heavy machinery fleet is accompanied by escort and pilot cars. They will make sure that your large, oversized cargo safely reaches its destination. You can also request a wide range of vehicles to suit your exact needs, such as Platform trailers and Winch trailers.

For Heavy Loads of Up to 110 Tonnes

Versatile Transport Solutions for Any Industry

Whether you need to transport an industrial excavator … site shed … oversized load … toilets and buildings … or other large machinery of up to 110t … count on GRS Towing to make it happen.

Our heavy machinery fleet represents the latest in modern transport solutions. The decks can be widened to accommodate for complex loads. Meanwhile, the use of rear steering makes it easy to access even the tightest spots.
Plus, the winch trailers are equipped with highly durable cables. These can be used to recover vehicles and cargo in tough spots, such as steep inclines, near powerlines and beneath bridges.

Tilt Low Loaders

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Why Choose GRS Towing

Our range of Platform trailers and Winch trailers are designed to safely transport heavy loads, while being highly manoeuvrable in tough areas.
The GRS Towing team are highly skilled and experienced in all forms of heavy and long distance haulage. You will be impressed by their speed, efficiency, commitment to your satisfaction.
No two heavy transport jobs are ever the same. Whether you need us to transport a single or mixed load, you will get a tailored solution to meet your needs and budget.
From start to finish, GRS Towing will keep you in the loop until the delivery is complete. Real-time GPS tracking will give you the assurance that your delivery is on track.

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