Side Recovery Systems

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Side Recovery Systems

Multiple Recovery Options for Vehicles on the Side

Tight access or around a bend, line of sight isn’t mandatory with Our miller XP850 American built Side Recovery System. Designed to winch from the back or sides, the four anchor legs and crane outrigger style system provide adequate stability –we can retrieve vehicles from virtually any angle or 60meters before our support truck is needed. This greatly speeds up the recovery process and prevents further damage while improving accident recovery outcomes. For extreme recoveries, GRS Towing uses the powerful Century 1075 Rotator alongside the side recovery trucks for maximum recovery potential.

Tackling Jobs From Any Angle​

Side Recovery, Off-Road Recovery, and Heavy Duty Recovery

GRS Towing uses the latest Side Recovery Systems to achieve amazing outcomes.

Each service vehicle winch has an average pull capacity of 50,000 lbs to recover all kinds of light to medium and heavy vehicles. The winches are highly durable, easy to control, and suitable for use in all conditions; providing great balance and stability for optimal towing performance.

Operated by highly trained and qualified drivers, GRS Towing guarantees great customer service and consistent outcomes every time.


Clean Ups

Off Road Salvage / Winch Outs

24/7 Emergency Services

Why Choose GRS Towing

No matter where you are in Sydney, you can count on GRS Towing to provide the right service vehicle for you at the right time.
With access to highly durable and versatile winches, along with the power of the Century 1075 rotator, we can recover virtually any vehicle in any indoor or outdoor setting.
Our highly skilled and experienced drivers follow the best industry practices in order to quickly, safely, and efficiently recover your vehicle. You can rest easy knowing that your fleet is in caring hands from start to finish.
Each service vehicle is routinely maintained and tested to ensure they meet the highest relevant Australian Standards. This way, you can be confident that you will receive a consistently friendly and reliable service, one tailored to your individual needs.

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