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Two Worlds Collide

Combining the Best of Forklift and Crane Technology

Perform a wide range of lifting and transportation tasks with just one convenient, efficient, and versatile Telehandler from GRS Towing.

Combining power and ease of use, each Telehandler you request can be fitted with various attachments – including forklifts, buckets, lifting jibs and more – so that you can work productively in congested worksites, especially where a high reach is needed.

Furthermore, the compact design and use of crab (all-wheel) steering helps you access tight spots with ease, including ones that larger cranes and forklifts can’t reach on their own.

Versatile Lifting Solutions

Accident Recovery, Clean Ups, and Off-Road Salvaging

With a lift capacity of 2.5 tonnes (retracted) and 1 tonnes (extended to 4 metres), GRS Towing Telehandlers can handle a variety of tasks onsite, while saving you the expense of hiring multiple pieces of machinery at the same time.

What’s more, the added benefit of 4×4 driving means you can drive off-road and work in the toughest conditions, from rocky terrain and tricky slopes through to treacherous bushland and more. Wherever you need to go, a Telehandler will help you get there safely and efficiently.


Clean Ups

Off Road Salvage / Winch Outs

Interstate Transport

24/7 Emergency Services

Choose a GRS Towing Telehandler

Whether you need to reach a tight spot or go through rough terrain, a versatile Telehandler will help you get there safely.
Made from only the highest quality material and components, each Telehandler is tough enough to resist the elements and especially the unique Australian climate.
Each of our Telehandlers has a lift capacity of 2.5 tonnes (retracted) and a lift capacity of 1 tonne (extended 4 metres out), enabling you to reach the toughest spots with ease.
Lift, push, pull, and move with your choice of versatile attachments, including a wide range of buckets, lifting jibs, rakes, forklifts and more. Everything you need to get more work done is here for you.

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