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All Wheels on Deck

Secure and sturdy flatbeds for safe transportation

Similar to a conventional trailer, a Tilt Slide Trailer lets you safely transport a range of specialty vehicles like trucks and buses on a sturdy flatbed surface. You can adjust the approach angle of the flatbed to allow for seamless low clearance loading, preventing the risk of damage and protecting your valuable assets. At GRS Towing, you can choose from three different Tilt Slide Trailers to suit your specific needs. These include Tandem/Axle, Triaxle Step Deck, and Quad Axle Step Deck trailers, all of which are operated by fully licensed and insured drivers who have years of experience.

Getting Your Specialty Vehicles and Cargo from A to B

Trucks, buses, sheds, sea containers, and more

With an impressive load capacity of 15 to 30 tonnes, 13 to 13.4 metre deck length, and the ability to load or unload in tight spaces, being able to transport your specialty vehicles and stock โ€“ without the risk of damage from a traditional tow truck โ€“ is easier than ever before.

Customisable deck sizes ensure that you get the right Tilt Side Trailer for the right job. The remote control operation means the loading and unloading process is completely safe, while the strong and sturdy build quality means you can always expect a reliable service on time, every time.

Bus Transport


Machinery Transport 0-15t

Machinery Transport 15.1-32t

Heavy Breakdowns

Heavy Haulage

Heavy Towing

Container Transport

Relocatable Buildings

Interstate Transport

Port Shipping


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