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GRS TOWING fleet of trucks are based close to Sydney, Marulan, Mount White and Mt victoria. Not only can we respond fast in these areas but will promptly dispatch to attend any requirement anywhere in Australia.

GRS Towing Services
The trucks have been custom built from the ground up, exactly as required to handle the workload given, the designs are safe and strong, some businesses make-do with junk yard apparatuses… Not here!
Company director and chief of purchasing Barry Hunt works on all new builds and modifications to be sure such works are all compliant, safe and durable. GRS Towing has systems to maintain a level of competitive advantage to offer customers value. From your first enquiry either by email or phone all the way through the GRS sales office, allocating, dispatch, field service and finally accounts receivable you will find GRS Towing meet strong expectations.

Unmatched Industry Knowledge

GRS employ staff with larger than life industry knowledge and offer our staff ongoing support.

Payment by cash or amex visa and master cards are accepted if you don’t yet have a corporate account. . Barry continually recognises the effort put in by the growing team at GRS Towing, this company evolves and grows with our customers for our customers.


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